Oolong Tea

Oolong teas are from the same Camelia sinensis plant as green & black tea, the difference is in the processing.  These teas are partially oxidised (or semi oxidised) meaning some of the enzymes are allowed to develop with contact with oxygen. Depending on how much oxidisation takes place determines the colour & nature of the oolong.

Green oolongs are closer to their non-oxidsed green tea cousins, where as amber oolongs are oxidised further & are closer to a black tea in colour & flavour. Oolongs are highly regarded for their health benefits, including aiding weight loss, reducing heart disease, reducing stress, improving digestion & providing more antioxidants than green tea. Each oolong has unique health benefits & unique flavours. Give them a try & be pleasantly surprised!

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More about Oolong…

Oolongs should be consumed without milk, & infused at 85-90oC, to prevent scalding of the leaves. They can be re-infused several times.

Oolongs are known as a semi-oxidised tea. This means the process of oxidisation (or fermentation) has occurred partially but has been stopped before it is complete. Noting that green teas are not oxidised at all & black teas are fully oxidised. They can range from being quite green in colour (green oolong) through to dark brown (amber oolong), depending on the extent of the oxidisation process.