Winter Best Sellers Box


The new Winter Best Sellers Box! Find a selection of our best ever winter teas and a surprise coupon for your next order too!

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You will be delighted with our selection of winter warming brews. This special box contains six boxes of our favourite winter teas!

Winter Spice, Cinnamon Chai, Mount Wellington, Rooibos Chocolate Orange, Antarctic Fire, and Cold & Allergy Blend.

Plus, all the following bonuses

  • a large springjaw infuser,
  • a sample of Premium Tasmanian Breakfast,
  • an inspiration card, AND
  • a surprise coupon code for a free tea in your next order!

Dig inside and you will also find a pouch of our special chai spices! Use these to add to any of your teas, or make mulled wine or cider, or simply nest it inside your mittens drawer!

Additional information

Weight 800 g
Dimensions 300 × 300 × 150 mm


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