Tasmanian Wildlife Range

We have a very exciting collaboration to share with you today. We’ve been working with Bonorong Wildlife Sanctuary to develop 3 new teas to team up with our Tassie Devil Tea to be part of our brand new Wildlife Range! While you’re already familiar with our Tassie Devil Tea, read on to become acquainted with our new blends:

Eastern Grey Kangaroo Tea


Like its namesake, this tea is strong and not to be introduced to the faint hearted. With a hint of smokiness, this Earl Grey blend is for those that love a firm wake up!


Sugar Glider Blend

Sugar glider 9338
This blend is made with child-friendly rooibos and foods that sugar gliders love to eat – apples, sultanas and other fruits. Perfect for our younger customers and those on the go. This blend is delicious hot or cold, and naturally caffeine free.


and of course,  Wombat Tea

A unique treat, much like spotting a wombat in the wild! This is a medium bodied black tea with Tasmanian dark chocolate cubes (just like wombat poo!).


The most exciting thing about this collaboration is the Chari-tea component. From the sale of each of these teas, 50c will be donated to the Bonorong Wildlife Hospital, which will be helping heal the sick and injured native animals of Tasmania. This hospital is a unique creation of Greg Irons, Managing Director of Bonorong – nothing like it exists in Australia! Bonorong will not only be assisting wildlife in a way they haven’t been able to be previously, but having a permanent hospital site means they can be involved in other projects, such as assisting in research for the Devil facial tumor which is decimating the population.


Best of all, this allows you, our customers, to support this fantastic organization just by drinking some delicious teas (and eating square chocolate “wombat poo”).  The teas will be available for purchase through our website, at Salamanca market, and of course from Bonorong Wildlife Sanctuary. We hope to have many of our other wholesale customers also wanting to support the Wildlife Hospital by selling these teas at their café, restaurant or providore.