White Tea

White tea is also from the Camelia sinensis, the same plant that produces green & black tea. White tea got its name from the white or silvery hairs that cover the buds that develop at the tip of each tea shoot. White teas are usually made from the unopened bud, harvested before they unfurl, with some white tea varieties including a few new leaves that have opened slightly.

The buds & leaves are processed differently from green & black teas, with only 2 steps: steaming & drying. As such the leaves are not oxidised (fermented) & the result is a pale champagne like colour with delicate flavours & minimal caffeine.

Health benefits from drinking white tea are becoming well known with the antioxidant polyphenols reportedly higher than in other teas, due to the concentration in the new growth & the minimal processing. Other health benefits include antibacterial, antiviral, anti-inflammatory, reducing cholestrol, decreasing blood pressure, improving skin cell rejuvenation & anti-cancer.

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