Black Tea

Black teas are like green & white teas, from the Camelia sinensis; & whilst the flavours may vary  depending on the country of origin, climate, soil, & even harvesting method, the four stage processing method is always used.

Black teas are always the result of  the leaves being withered, rolled, oxidised (fermentation) & firing (drying). Unlike white & green teas there is no steaming (de-enzymed) as the enzymes need to remain active to create the characteristic black tea flavour. The leaf during the third stage (oxidisation) develops its recognizable aroma & flavour, becomes darker in colour & develops caffeine & theaflavins (antioxidant polyphenols).

As well as black tea being very popular & even more so now with flavoured varieties (our all naturally flavoured) available the health benefits including being effective against dementia in aging, reducing cholesterol, scavenging free radicals, & anti-cancerous. There is always that delightful benefit of pouring a nice fresh cuppa & sitting down to enjoy it either with a good book, a friend or family. Put simply, tea is good for your body, mind & soul!

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