How do I use a tea ball or infuser?

Put one teaspoon of dry tea leaves, per standard cup (250ml), into the infuser.

Place the infuser in a cup and add freshly boiled hot water (for black tea and herbals) or (ideally) 80-90oC  for green tea .

You will see colour in the cup almost straight away but you should continue to infuse for 3 – 5 minutes to get a full flavour.

If you use a large cup or mug, adjust the “1 teaspoon per 250ml” guide accordingly.  A bigger infuser is better for larger mugs or travel cups.

Tip: Try not to overfill the infuser, as the water needs to be able to circulate around the leaves and most leaves will swell.

Our favourite infuser is the style that fits over most cups and mugs and has a lid to keep the tea warm whilst brewing and a drip saucer to sit in between making cuppas. It’s often fine to reuse leaves – especially good quality tea like from the Art of Tea!

Our favourite infuser is: Mug Infuser Stainless Steel with lid/saucer