Arthritis Blend


An effective anti-inflammatory and diuretic, this blend can relieve symptoms of arthritis, rheumatism, gout, and general aches & pains.

Ingredients: celery seed, devil’s claw, ginger, nettle, silver birch.



Contains: celery seed, devils claw, ginger, nettle, silver birch & lemon myrtle

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Health Info – Arthritis Blend


Arthritis Blend

“I usually have at least one cup, sometimes two, a day. There seems to be an easing in the pain in my feet. When not used pain increases.”

  • Robyn O’Connor, Kingston Beach, Tasmania

“ I have been having a pot of this tea each morning and it has helped with my osteoarthritis, particularly lower back and hands (wrist and thumb joints). I have also got my son drinking it for my his knees.”

  • Sue Johnson, Snug, Tasmania

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